Derek RiggsAPPEARING: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Well lets see.
I was born in the wagon of a traveling show… wait, hang on, that was Cher.
I was born in a caravan by the sea in Portsmouth, England. It was sometime in the year 1958. Then we moved to Coventry, where I grew up.
Later on I started trying to earn a living as an illustrator. I tried to create what I thought was a better kind of imagery for rock music than the rubbish that was current at the time. This endeavor took a couple of years and resulted in a series of images, the most popular of which was the character “Eddie the Head” that was later used as a mascot by the band Iron Maiden. The series of album covers and other designs that I painted for Iron Maiden became the most popular album covers of all time. They won awards in every country in which they were released. They outsold all other form of merchandise at that time, including Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The posters were the bestselling posters of all time. They occupied numbers 1,2 & 3 in the poster charts of the mid 1980’s at the same time, that was back when people actually bought posters. The pictures won “best album cover” awards year after year in most of the countries of the world. One year my designs won the “best album cover” award, and a different picture of mine came in the second place as well, so I had both first and second place in the same competition.
This has never been equaled by anyone before or since.
At the end of the 1980’s I went freelance and began working for a number of bands until the late 1990’s when my damaged health forced me to stop for a while.
In the year 2006 I moved to America. I currently live in California.
A book of my work was published by an Iron Maiden fan and I started selling posters and prints of some of my work. The book and prints can be purchased online from my website “” or from my Facebook page “Derek Riggs Stuff”.
I also single-handedly saved the entire human race from a deadly alien invasion. Or did I dream that last part?… No, I think that actually happened…