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Larry Welz was born & raised in Bakersfield, California, home of Buck Owens & Merle Haggard (OK, Merle was actually from Oildale, right across the River), where he studied Drama & did Theatre in High School. In 1967 or so, he hitched a ride North to San Francisco to draw Comics for the coming Revolution. His work in such comic books as Yellow Dog, Bakersfield Kountry Komics, Funnybook, San Francisco Comic Book, Captain Guts, and Cherry Poptart is an important, if obscure, part of comic artwork history.

Mr. Welz later moved from the West Coast to Roswell, New Mexico, which somehow seemed like a Good Idea at the time, which isn’t anywhere near as strange or interesting as you might think. He & his wife Sharon did amazing, fun alienistic stuff that was (pretty much) not appreciated (alien eyes on the streetlamps, etc.). They built an incredibly imaginative & ambitious immersive 45 foot long walk-through black-light art installation which still exists in an abridged form, to this day in a T-shirt & tchotchke shop just off Main Street in beautiful downtown Roswell, New Mexico, where you could, if you were there, also purchase T-shirts (obviously) & stickers with Mr. Welz’s imaginative interpretations of extraterrestrial beings & spacecraft thereon.

Mr. & Mrs. Welz managed to escape the gravity well of Roswell & now live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they are happier by an order of magnitude, & he manages to eke out a living by doing commissions & painting the fronts of carnival rides such as fun-house & mirror mazes.

As Cherry said, “It’s not hurtin’ anybody! It’s just — FUN! — Y’know?”.

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