Lynn Lowry

Lynn Lowry is a cult icon starring in a whole range of  genres during the 1970s and has continued to work for the past 4 decades. She is best known to Horror Fans for her roles in I DRINK YOUR BLOOD directed by David Dursten, THE CRAZIES directed by George Romero, SHIVERS directed by David Cronenberg, and CAT PEOPLE directed by Paul Schraeder.  She also worked with iconic directors Radley Metzger, Jonathan Demme, and Lloyd Kauffman.  In more recent years Lynn has starred in dozens of independent films, MODEL HUNGER, BASEMENT JACK, THE GRIM BECOMING to name a few.  She has supported many up-and-coming filmmakers as well as expanding her own career as a director, writer, and producer.  Lynn has won 13 Best Actress Awards, 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, and The Lon Chaney Award.  She loves and appreciates her many Fans and looks forward to meeting them.