Thanks for your interest in becoming an El Paso Comic Con staff member!  Please read through the information on this page and complete the application form located at the end.


Have questions about being staff at El Paso Comic Con? Here’s a guide:


All El Paso Comic Con staff members must meet these requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must be available for an interview and orientation session if considered and selected.
  3. You must be available to work one shift each day of the show.
  4. You must provide your own transportation to and from the show.


El Paso Comic Con expects the following out of all of its staff:

  1. You are an ambassador of El Paso Comic Con and you are expected to act appropriately. You will treat El Paso Comic Con’s attendees, guests, and exhibitors with courtesy and respect.
  2. You are expected to perform your assigned duties to the best of your ability. If you are unable to perform your duties a supervisor may assign you to a different task that you’re better suited to.
  3. You are not permitted to perform any actions that would negatively affect the operations and/or public image of El Paso Comic Con. This includes making statements to the public and/or press.
  4. You are expected to maintain confidentiality with any proprietary information that is shared with you by El Paso Comic Com.
  5. You understand that placement in a specific department or event at El Paso Comic Con is not guaranteed and positions are filled based on demand.


Staff shifts are generally 6 hours in length. Staff may participate in any El Paso Comic Con activity before and after their assigned shift, but not during. We are looking for the following positions.

  • Security – Tasked to make sure everyone entering the Convention has a wristband and/or badge. Security is also responsible for ensuring only appropriate individuals gain access to the Celebrity Green Room, the upstairs areas, and any other areas not designated to the General Public.  Security staff must be able to handle all kinds of issues, requests, and answer questions from patrons. Security will not touch and/or detain patrons.  If an issue arises contact venue security, on-site police, and/or the promoter.
  • Customer Service – Customer Service Representatives will be stationed in the Mount Franklin Lobby (main hall). Customer Service is responsible for giving out wristbands, handing out VIP bags, ensuring attendees have the right badges, weapons check, and dealing with vendors needs. Customer Service Representatives must be quick thinkers and have a smile on their face all day. If you are good under pressure, this job is for you.
  • Runner / Helper – Runners/Helpers must be flexible and able to walk a lot.  Runners/Helpers will be needed anywhere and everywhere within the Convention Center. Tasks include, but are not limited to watching booths for vendors, delivering water and snacks, and answering attendee questions.
  • Guest Liaison – Guest Liaisons are assigned to a featured guest.  Guest Liaisons are responsible for collecting and accounting for autograph/miscellaneous funds earned by the featured guest at their booth.  Guest Liaisons are the buffer between the fan and the guest.  If the guest needs to leave the booth for a panel, bathroom break, or to eat you will stay at the booth to ensure the merchandise is not taken.
  • Sales – Sales representatives are responsible for selling souvenirs to attendees and disseminating swag to the VIP attendees.

If you pick a job please keep the same job for all the days. Do not hop between jobs. You can work one shift per day. You will be paid on Sunday after closing; if you cannot make it don’t worry just let us know. We are local and you can ensure you get your pay on a later date.

There will be training sessions for each job description. Training sessions will be announced.


Staff are all required to adhere to the following dress code:

  1. You may dress casually, but you must wear your El Paso Comic Con Staff badge and vest at all times during your shift. No ripped jeans, short shorts, short skirts, offensive t-shirts, or revealing articles of clothing may be worn.
  2. Proper personal hygiene is required. Please be courteous to your co-workers and El Paso Comic Con’s attendees by not using excessive amounts of perfume or cologne.
  3. You may NOT wear a costume during your shift.


El Paso Comic Con reserves the right to terminate any staff that fails to adhere to the guidelines listed above, or fails to satisfactorily complete his/her assigned duties.



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