Lucha League

Lucha League Wrestling is always a huge hit at El Paso Comic Con.  Lucha League Wrestling is tradition in West Texas.  Their style is modern wrestling infused with the thrill and colors of larger than life characters coupled with the excitement of golden era pro wrestling! Smash mouth, hard hitting, in your face Texas style wrestling for the whole family! Lucha League Wrestling also conducts kids clinics, teaching them how to be a Luchador.

Poker Tournament

The House of Kings Card Club will host the El Paso Comic Con Charity Poker Tournament on Saturday after the Exhibit Hall closes.  All proceeds from this tournament is donated to a deserving charity every year.  The winner of the tournament will receive a trophy to commemorate their win.  You will also have bragging rights for the year, as well as knowing you helped donate to a great local charity.

Game Vault

Game Vault will be providing tabletop gaming throughout the event.  Board games, Collectible Card Games, Trading Card Games, you name it… They will be teaching you how to play the popular games of the day.  No charge, just stop by and learn how to play all the cool tabletop games.

Abq Golf and Games

Not just tabletop games.  If you like video games, Abq Golf and Games will be providing lots of cool video games.  You will be able to pay to play for an hour or you can get an all day pass! Either way, there will be tons of cool video games to keep you busy.

trivia crown

Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned King of the Nerds?  Gather your team and enter the El Paso Comic Con Trivia Contest on Sunday to prove you and your squad have the Nerdy Knowledge required to win the trivia contest.  There is a trophy and title of El Paso Comic Con Trivia King.

vip pass 300h

The VIP party is on Friday in the Hotel Paso del Norte.  The VIP party is open to all VIP ticket holders.  There will be food and drink while supplies last.  You might even bump into one of the featured guests.


When your favorite song comes on do you start singing out loud with it?  You should share your voice with others during Cosplay Karaoke on Friday night.  Cosplay is not required to participate, but it is encouraged.


The El Paso Comic Con Costume Contest will be held on Saturday night after the Exhibit Hall closes.  El Paso has a lot of really good cosplayers and they show up to the costume contest ready to share their amazing outfits.  Sign-ups will be taken on the day of the event.  This event is usually standing room only.  There will be trophies and cash prizes for the winners… as well as bragging rights for a year!


There will be Q&A Panels with your favorite guests as well as “How to” panels teaching you how to do the nerdy stuff you enjoy.