Exhibitor Map
V1Anime JutsuV63TeeTurtle/Unstable Games
V2Anime JutsuV64DIOSA
V3Anime JutsuV65Superheroes in Training
V4POKE-HOLICV66Superheroes in Training
V5Game VaultV67Superheroes in Training
V6Game VaultV68Superheroes in Training
V7Game VaultV69
V8Game VaultV70
V9Excalibur collectiblesV71Shane Sauer Art
V10Excalibur collectiblesV72Shane Sauer Art
V11Excalibur collectiblesV73Planet Postmoderna
V12Excalibur collectiblesV74Curly Kitty
V13Bodhi FarmsV75One More Level Retro
V14Samurai westV76One More Level Retro
V15The Tee BtqV77Kody Koala
V16Samurai westV78Kody Koala
V17Weapon directV79Kody Koala
V18Fernando TorresV80Chill Swag Shop
V19Weapon directV81Kairos Gift Shop
V20triforce cosplay and accessoriesV82Kairos Gift Shop
V21triforce cosplay and accessoriesV83Midnight Toys
V22triforce cosplay and accessoriesV84Midnight Toys
V23Housefamilyhomestead.comV85Terri Duong
V24Housefamilyhomestead.comV86BBZ Engraving
V25Phase ApparelV87Terri Duong
V26Neko MissionV88BBZ Engraving
V27icky popV89Cartoon Passion
V28Neko MissionV90Cartoon Passion
V29All Thingz ArtzyV91Cartoon Passion
V30Lenne’s Custom Creations, LLCV92Cartoon Passion
V31Cafe AnimeV93Rose’s Toadstool Forest
V32Cafe AnimeV94PL Collectibles
V33Billjohn’s DiecastV95Sergio Aguilar
V34Billjohn’s DiecastV96Sergio Aguilar
V35Samurai westV97Crayon Queen Creations
V36Samurai westV98Natural Healing Crystals
V37Samurai westV99Hector Ceniceros – Jamonred
V38Samurai westV100Blue Hippo Press
V39collectors universe and animeV101Hyperbooster Studio
V40collectors universe and animeV102Mimis Novelties
V41Gallery PandaV103Cafe Anime
V42Gallery PandaV104Cafe Anime
V43Gallery PandaV105Cool, Man Collectibles
V44Gallery PandaV106Print3d Merchant
V45Anime ArmoryV107 El Taller Fuentes
V46Anime ArmoryV108S&B Yard Art
V47Anime ArmoryV109Desert Sun Chiropractic
V48Anime ArmoryV110Blade Daddy
V49Collector’s RebellionV111TOXICJPG
V50Collector’s RebellionV112Blade Daddy
V51DragonsongforgeV113Gallery Panda
V52DragonsongforgeV114Gallery Panda
V53Inigo Del RiveroV115Gallery Panda
V54Inigo Del RiveroV116Gallery Panda
V55Symaris Crystals & MoreV117Salami Productions
V56Symaris Crystals & MoreV118Cutiehats
V57Zombie Lounge Boo-tiqueV119Justice Comics
V58Rogue HandcraftsV120Justice Comics
V59 Zombie Lounge Boo-tiqueV121Mad Ram Collectibles
V60Rogue HandcraftsV122Geeking Out At TX
V61The Enchanting WoodsV123Brick Bunch
V62LMW Custom DesignV124Brick Bunch
A1Gen Lynx ArtA38Create by Adriana
A2onemegawattA39Featured Artist TBA
A3Jaime CarrilloA40Featured Artist TBA
A4Napalm 37A41Emmanuel Valtierra
A5Ravain ShopA42Michelle Palacios
A6Fused Fiction StudioA43LeiaDoodles & TetrisTauArt
A7Legitly Nifty ThingsA44LeaiDoodles & TetrisTauArt
A8Legitly Nifty ThingsA45Reesie_Inks
A9Blanca Estrada ArtA46Getexcitedesigns
A10Arte de Andy PerezA47AmberSkies Creations
A11Blanca Estrada ArtA48Dice Druid
A12Pillow DSA49Scribes of Calamity Art
A13Crystal LaceA50Michelle Castro
A14Crystal LaceA51Sam Sawyer
A15David Lee SummersA52Rafael Reyes
A16Glitter Pop Cozy CatA53Gabriela Perez
A17SxuceeA54Chris Short
A18The Makers CollaborativeA55Joey Lee Cabral
A19Zettai RyouikiA56Mellony Madrid
A20Void LLCA57Default Player
A21Team Huddleston Presents – ADAM CREATESA58Joel Tafoya
A22The Weird Sisters Co.A59Featured Artist TBA
A23Terry Huddleston ArtA60Featured Artist TBA
A24Terry Huddleston ArtA61Gabriel Rodriguez
A25Phase ApparelA62Gabriel Rodriguez
A26Sal and Abe GalleryA63Gabriel Rodriguez
A27Mothra Kaiju ArtA64Gabriel Rodriguez
A28Sal and Abe GalleryA65Cynnagraphics
A29Deerfish DesignA66Erika Gonzalez
A30PezoramaA67David Lozano
A31Art of Julia MannA68Manipulation in Wire
A32Frijolito Ren ChurroA69Wick’D Repour Candles by J&M Creations of El Paso
A33Hand Over the HeroA70Crayon Queen Creations
A34Kimo Mikala SewingA71Vanessa Zuniga
A35Mars ArtA72Mew’s Muse
A36Sloppy BrushA73Jesse Gandarilla
A37QM CraftsA74Jesse Gandarilla
W1Southwest AnimeW11Anime Girl
W2Kenny’s ComicsW12Animegirlff7 Arts And Crafts
W3Bear’s CaveW13DM Gifts
W4Sid’s PlayroomW14DM Gifts
W5 Krystal KijuW15Cut Out for Me
W6Leslie ValenzuelaW16AngryKittenJuice
W7Surreal ComicsW17Threads and Fables
W8NekomimiPUNKSW18Denise Geoffrion
W9Left Hand AsylumW19Night of the Chihuahuas
W10Left Hand AsylumW20Epoch Sonder