KTSM is running a contest for Weekend or VIP Passes.  


John Marks has been a professional artist for over 30 years, specializing in special effects, costume design, and sculpting. In the last 7 years, John has turned his attention to building larger than life props. Most notably, he has built popular characters such as The Hulk, The Iron Giant, Toothless, Light Fury, and most recently The Battlecats. He continues to try and bring his imagination to life for the young and young at heart with his newest props based on the show Avatar the Last Airbender, Appa and Momo.

Appa will include Momo and most of the iconic “weapons” from the show. Guest will have an opportunity to sit on the either back of Appa (8ft in the air) or on the neck to yell “yip yip”; as they feel like they are taking a flight on what we are calling Appa Air. Passengers will have a range of photo opportunities they can choose from. No matter what they decide it will be an experience like nowhere else.


Low Sensory Impact Opening

We are partnering with Mike Dee's Big Adventure again this year for the Low Sensory Impact Opening. 

Everyone vetted by Mike Dee will be allowed to enter El Paso Comic Con one hour early on Sunday for FREE! 

This is a great opportunity for those that aren't sure if they will be able to handle the crowd, noise, lights, etc of a full-fledged comic con. A lot of the vendors have opened their booths early for this event. We have even had a few featured guests show up early for this.  

The participants can stay the rest of the day if they want for no cost. If it looks like the con commotion isn't a problem... by all means, stay!

This is completely free as long as you are approved by Mike Dee's Big Adventure. For more information contact him at mikedee@iheartmedia.com 


Please support the businesses that help make El Paso Comic Con awesome!