Mike Dee’s Big Adventure is a non-profit organization whose mission is simple: To enable, empower, and support youth with disabilities. We believe that there is no greater calling than to inspire a child to become more than what they ever thought possible.

On Sunday at 9AM all individuals vetted by Mike Dee’s Big Adventure will be allowed entry one hour early for a low sensory impact opening. 

Enjoy El Paso Comic Con without all the noise, crowds, etc.  If you want to stay after that time… go ahead.  This is a great opportunity to ease into the event without being completely overwhelmed right at the start.

Contact Mike Dee’s Big Adventure to sign up.  

Poker Tournament

The El Paso Comic Con Charity Poker Tournament is hosted by El Paso’s own House of Kings Card Club. Every year ALL proceeds from the tournament is donated to a new local charity. The tournament is on Saturday after the Exhibit Hall closes (check schedule for exact time and location inside the convention center).

This is a fun tournament with generous rebuys and splash pots.  Join the tournament, play some poker, have loads of fun, and know you are helping a very worthy local charity.


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