Wristbands must be worn around your wrist in order to be permitted into the venue.  Do not wrap them around your lanyard or other items. 

If you lose your wristband you will be required to purchase another one.  Lost or misplaced wristbands will not be replaced. 

Wristbands will allow you to exit and reenter the event. Badges are a keepsake for your collection. 

Calling all Superhero Fans!

The Superhero Sticker League is coming to EPCON 2024! 

Superhero Sticker League is a fun, interactive event that allows a customer to collect artist designed, comic themed stickers while supporting local artists!

Attendees will need to stop by booth A56 to pick up their free Superhero Sticker League map. The map will show participating vendors. To collect a comic sticker just spend $10 or more at a participating booth. Once attendees collect 5 stickers on your map, turn it in at booth A56 to collect their prize bag.

The gift bag will contain prizes created by participating artists. Completed maps will also be entered into a Grand Prize Raffle.

There is a 50 map limit: 15 maps will be available on Friday, 40 maps available on Saturday, and 25 maps available on Sunday.

Sticker League

Why JSA?

The JSA trusted and coveted certification enhances the value and marketability of your items. Your certificate of authenticity includes a JSA registration card with a unique certification number that corresponds to the alpha-numeric tamper evident label. Each certification number is uploaded into our exclusive database for 24-hour customer verification access.


Please support the businesses that help make El Paso Comic Con awesome!