• Make sure you have your El Paso Comic Con tickets secured in advance as they are REQUIRED to participate in photo ops.
  • A photo op ticket is NOT an El Paso Comic Con ticket. They are sold separately and are completely different things.
  • It is best to pre-purchase an El Paso Comic Con ticket when you have a photo op. The ticket purchase line can be very long and slow, which means you have higher risk of missing your photo op.
  • Check in at El Paso Comic Con ticketing area to get your event wristband. Arrive at the event EARLY with PLENTY of time to spare before your photo op to allow El Paso Comic Con staff enough time to check you into the event.
  • El Paso Comic Con is NOT responsible for missed photo ops. Plan your day accordingly.
  • A photo op ticket does not allow you to skip lines.
  • Do NOT give your Celeb Photo Op ticket to El Paso Comic Con staff, they do not handle photo ops.
  • Once you’ve been checked into El Paso Comic Con, enjoy the show until your photo op time.
  • Check in with Celeb Photo Ops using your photo op ticket at the designated time at the photo op location.


A photo op is a photo taken with you and the featured guest or guests for which you have purchased a photo op. The photo op is taken under ideal lighting conditions and with a top of the line DSLR camera. The photo is then printed as a high quality 8×10 using a professional dye-sublimation photo printer. Your photo is ready in around a minute after the photo has been taken.

A photo op is NOT a meet and greet. The process is very quick with no time to converse with the guest or guests. It is a photo opportunity in the literal sense of the word.