5-9PMCosplay KaraokeJuarez Room


11AM-12PMAsk A Luchador
12-1PMZach Aguilar Q&A panel
1-2PMJohn Barrowman Q&A panel
2-3PMMichael Rooker Q&A panel
3-4PMSam Jones Q&A panel
4-5PMMy Hero Academia panel with Luci Christian, Josh Grelle, Aaron Dismuke, Katelyn Barr, and Lindsay Seidel
5-6PMHow science inspires my writing: Science fiction and fantasy writer, David Lee Summers, discusses how his work in astronomy influences him and how it helps him be a better and more productive writer. His tips can help anyone juggling a love of art with a day job.
6-7PMCostume contest prep
7-?PMCostume Contest


9-10AMLow sensory impact opening sponsored by Mike Dee’s Big Adventure
11AM-12PMBibbity-Bobity-Boo: How geek therapists are real life Fairy Godparents: Luke had Yoda, Miles Morales had Peter Parker, and even Luisa and Isabella had Marivel. Everyone can benefit from having someone in their corner for support, a safe place to process, vent, and heal – and we know therapy gets a bad wrap, but did you know there are geek therapists? Therapists who nerd out about Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and more – not just in their personal lives, but in their therapy practice! Join us as we discuss our Origin Stories of being a Geek Therapist and share what therapy with a Geek Therapist looks like!
12-1PMSol Forge Saber Training: Learn to train like a Jedi
1-2PMAsk a Luchador
2-3PMMake Games, Not Excuses: An Open Discussion: Hosted by Jaycee Salinas, Creative Director of Ask An Enemy Studios. To college or not to college? That isn’t the question. Are you an artist? A musician? Can you make people laugh? Tell interesting stories? What is your skillset? I dropped out of a “game design” school to create Ask An Enemy Studios in my hometown of El Paso, Texas. I’m now working on A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher for Consoles and PC. It wasn’t easy. Let’s discuss the pros and cons. It’s not about what’s right or wrong, but what’s best for you.
3-5PMTrivia Contest