5-9PMCosplay KaraokeJuarez Room


11AM-12PMAsk A Luchador
12-1PMZach Aguilar Q&A panel
1-2PMJohn Barrowman Q&A panel
2-3PMMichael Rooker Q&A panel
3-4PMSam Jones Q&A panel
4-5PMMy Hero Academia panel with Luci Christian, Josh Grelle, Aaron Dismuke, Katelyn Barr, and Lindsay Seidel
5-6PMHow science inspires my writing: Science fiction and fantasy writer, David Lee Summers, discusses how his work in astronomy influences him and how it helps him be a better and more productive writer. His tips can help anyone juggling a love of art with a day job.
6-7PMCostume contest prep
7-?PMCostume Contest


9-10AMLow sensory impact opening sponsored by Mike Dee’s Big Adventure
11AM-12PMBibbity-Bobity-Boo: How geek therapists are real life Fairy Godparents: Luke had Yoda, Miles Morales had Peter Parker, and even Luisa and Isabella had Marivel. Everyone can benefit from having someone in their corner for support, a safe place to process, vent, and heal – and we know therapy gets a bad wrap, but did you know there are geek therapists? Therapists who nerd out about Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and more – not just in their personal lives, but in their therapy practice! Join
us as we discuss our Origin Stories of being a Geek Therapist and share what therapy with a Geek Therapist looks like!
12-1PMAsk a Luchador
1-2PMSol Forge Saber Training: Learn to train like a Jedi
2-3PMMake Games, Not Excuses: An Open Discussion: To college or not to
college? That isn’t the question. Are you an artist? A musician? Can
you make people laugh? Tell interesting stories? What is your skillset?
I dropped out of a “game design” school to create Ask An Enemy Studios
in my hometown of El Paso, Texas. I’m now working on A Duel Hand
Disaster: Trackher for Consoles and PC. It wasn’t easy. Let’s discuss the
pros and cons. It’s not about what’s right or wrong, but what’s best for you.
3-4PMTrivia Contest
4-5PMWelcome to the Dark Side: A glimpse into the intriguing nature of the
Dark Side and Supervillains. What drives these characters to fight
against the forces of light? What attracts people to love a good bad
guy? Join us as local geek therapists explore these questions, share
what lessons can be learned from the Dark Side and Supervillains,
and how this knowledge can help us heal.