Appearing: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Autographed 8×10: $30

Autographed 11×17: $40

Table Selfie: $20

Combo autographed 8×10/Selfie: $40

Combo autographed 11×17/Selfie: $50

Autographed Funko/statue/figure (provided by attendee): $50

Professional Photo Op: $45

Patricia Azan, is a television, theater, radio, and voive actress. She was raised since the age of 5 after
leaving Cuba in both Spain and New Jersey, USA, and has lived in Miami, Florida (USA) for many years,
where she first worked as a theater actress and later on in 1999 began to make a name for herself in the
dubbing industry in both the English and the Spanish market.

She is currently very well known in Latin America for being the voice of Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski since it’s third season on South Park; although her voice could be heard since the 1st season being all episodes in those 2 seasons were re-dubbed by her.

She is also very loved for voicing Vicky, Tad, and Chad, and many other characters in “Fairly Odd Parents” which was also an iconic series on Nickelodeon for 10 years. She has been in numerous animations like Lazytown, Puerto Papel, Popples, Glitter Force, Calliou, Talking Tom, Tremendas Leyendas, 321 Penguins, Wissper, Space Dogs. Rex the Runt, Higurashi, and many more.

At the moment she is dubbing My Hero Academa where she is Toga, Inko, Jiro, and Recovery Girl, making that her 3rd Iconic series. Patricia is curretly writting a book and touring conventions through Latin America