Appearing: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Autograph: $40

Table Selfie: $20

Autograph/Selfie Combo: $50

Professional Photo Op: $55

All the way from Waterford, Wisconsin, Steve Henneberry has an extensive sports background, having played football, baseball, and wrestling while in high school. It was in 1979 that he came across a muscle fitness magazine and became inspired to become a star in the field. Following up on his goals, the Wisocniosing native indeed ended up bagging the title of Mr. America in a competition in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1989.

Another dream of Steve’s was to be a part of the entertainment industry, and he moved to California in 1986 to work on the same. For many years, he ran the famous Gold’s Gym and even worked as Conan at Universal Studios. His stars in the modeling world also were rising. Interestingly, he became a part of ‘American Gladiators’ when Galen Tomlinson, AKA Turbo, had to be replaced midway through the live tour in 1991 due to a knee injury.