Exhibitor Registration is located inside the Mount Franklin Lobby of the El Paso Convention Center. This area will be staffed and operational during the following times:

Thursday 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Friday 9:00AM – 9:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Exhibitor staff and personnel wishing to enter the Exhibit Hall must wear an exhibitor badge at all times during event days. Access to the exhibit hall begins at 9:00AM during event days.


Up to 2 additional vendor badges may be purchased. Additional vendor badges can be purchased during load-in at the check-in area in the Mount Franklin Lobby.  Additional vendor badges will be $50 cash only.  There is a limit of two additional vendor badges per booth purchased.


Booths include one (1) six foot table and two (2) chairs. If you need to purchase additional tables/chairs for your booth please contact El Paso Convention Center staff during setup.


Access to the Internet/Wi-Fi must be coordinated with the El Paso Convention Center during setup.


Access to electrical will be done by the venue during load-in.  If you require an electric drop for your booth please coordinate with them.


Please check in at Exhibitor Registration before unloading. Exhibitor Registration is located in the Mount Franklin Lobby of the El Paso Convention Center. Exhibitor load-in is on Thursday and Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. Exhibitor Booth setup must be complete by Friday at 3:00PM for the Fire Marshall walk through. ALL BOXES AND CONTAINERS MUST BE CLEARED FROM THE EHXIBIT FLOOR BY FRIDAY BY 3:00PM. Waiting area and parking for load-In is located in the rear parking lot of the El Paso Convention Center.


There is limited parking available in the lot behind the convention center.  Parking in this lot requires a parking pass.  Those parking passes can be obtained from the venue during load-in.  


Food and drink vendors must be cleared by the venue. If you would like to sell food/drink at EL PASO COMIC CON please contact the El Paso Convention Center staff to receive permission.


Any Exhibitor booth not occupied by Friday at 4:00PM will be presumed abandoned. If you need additional time to set up please notify us by email at epcomiccon@gmail.com. Vendors with
booths may not break down prior to Sunday at 5:00PM.


The buying and selling of counterfeit, knock-off, and/or unlicensed materials will not be tolerated at El Paso Comic Con. Bootlegs have no place at the show. Any violation of this rule will result in one and only one warning. On a repeat violation, you will be removed from the show and will not be allowed back for subsequent shows!


All adult materials must be either behind the table or, if displayed on a table or display rack, bagged or covered so that minors may not open it. Any adult material containing nudity must be covered in accordance with local and state laws. Artists/Exhibitors agree not to sell any adult materials to minors. Violating this rule is cause for immediate dismissal from the show with no refund, and being banned from any future events hosted by the shows management.


Nudity is NOT allowed in the convention center under any circumstances.


Demonstration areas must be confined within your exhibit space so as not to interfere with any traffic in the aisles. Exhibitors must contract sufficient space to be in compliance with this rule. When large crowds gather to watch a demonstration and interfere with the flow of traffic down the aisles or create excessive crowds at neighboring booths it is an infringement on the rights of other exhibitors. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time. No signs or decorative materials may protrude into the aisles or encroach upon neighboring booths. No obstruction may be placed in any aisle, passageway, lobby, or exit leading to any fire extinguishing appliances.


Equipment, product or machinery, when displayed to demonstrate or simulate industrial application are exempt from the foregoing height limits, but are restricted only by ceiling height, as well as building and safety codes.


Show Management may require any Exhibitor to make changes to his or her exhibit if in Show Management’s opinion the exhibit does not conform to prevailing standards.


The backside of walls (the common border facing a neighboring booth) must be finished, neutral and clear of copy, logos, or other graphics as not to be an eyesore to neighboring exhibitors.  No exhibit may block or interfere with other exhibits or with the aisle space. Any damage caused to the building or its furnishings by the Artist/Exhibitor are the sole responsibility of the Artist/Exhibitor.


Absolutely no unlicensed music will be allowed. The playback of commercial music in exhibit areas without the proper licensing from ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI is not permitted. Exhibitors found in violation of this rule will only receive one warning. A second violation will result in being ejected from the show.


Sound level of presentation should be kept within the confines of the booth area and must not interfere with neighboring exhibits. Show Management will exercise their right to provide and maintain a fair exhibiting environment to all exhibitors and attendees. Excessive sound levels can be offensive and distracting. Each Exhibitor is entitled to an atmosphere that is conducive to conducting business without excess noise from other Exhibitors. Audio equipment (i.e. sound systems, audio from a video wall, microphones, etc.) whether in the booth or as part of a display may not impair the ability of neighboring Exhibitors from conversing with attendees. El Paso Comic Con will be sensitive and responsive to complaints registered by spectators, neighboring exhibitors, or other personnel.


Friday, April 12: 5:00PM – 9:00PM
Saturday, April 13: 11:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday, April 14: 10:00AM – 5:00PM


Booths must remain intact and manned throughout the hours of the convention and may not be dismantled prior to the closing of the convention. EL PASO COMIC CON will not be held responsible for any issues arising from an unmanned booth during show hours. The loading dock will not be open for breakdown prior to the close of the exhibition room. Please do not leave excessive trash in the venue after breaking down your booth(s). If you break down your space prior to the end of the show you will be banned from setting up at future shows. Attendee’s have paid for the ability to shop with Vendors and Exhibitors and expect them to be set up during show hours. By breaking down early you are doing both the attendees and the show a disservice.


Exhibitors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws.  Exhibitors will not hold management liable for any breaches, losses, or damage to themselves or their property. All exhibitors agree to hold blameless EL PASO COMIC CON and all EL PASO COMIC CON staff members and workers against any loss, damage, theft, expenses, claims, or actions arising from any personal or property damage, loss, or theft due to said exhibitors participation in EL PASO COMIC CON. State tax is the responsibility of the artist/vendor to collect according to state laws.


All vendors/exhibitors/artists acknowledge that EL PASO COMIC CON and all EL PASO COMIC CON staff members, workers, employees, and agents will NOT provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors/exhibitors persons or property, and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering loss.


EL PASO COMIC CON in no way endorses any artists/vendors/exhibitor’s merchandise, exhibits, views, beliefs, or actions. All artists/vendors/exhibitors are deemed to be their own business/entity and in no way reflect the views, beliefs, intentions, and/or direction of EL PASO COMIC CON. Artists/vendors/exhibitors do not represent EL PASO COMIC CON in any way.


Should you (the exhibitor) find that you are not able to attend EL PASO COMIC CON and have already paid for your space the policy is as follows: A full refund will be given prior to 02/12/2020, a 50% refund will be given prior to 03/12/2020, no refunds will be made after 03/12/2020 under any circumstances.


Abandoned Property: Any property not removed from the El Paso Convention Center that has not been claimed within forty-eight (48) hours following the end of the event will be considered abandoned by the Exhibitor.


All merchandise bought or sold at the EL PASO COMIC CON is done strictly between artists/vendors/exhibitors and attendees/buyers. EL PASO COMIC CON is not party to or responsible in any way for any transactions made between said parties.